January 2016
The management of Pro Bind commission the development and implementation of an automated production planning and control system. The development is scheduled for completion during March 2016. Part of this process is the re-branding of our logo to the new red Pro Bind logo.
  December 2015
The management of UVP Pro Bind (Pty) Ltd conclude a management buy-out of all the shares held by UVP Holdings (Pty) Ltd in UVP Pro Bind (Pty) Ltd. This insures that all the shareholders are actively onvolved in the daily management of the business. Although UVP is no longer a shareholder in the business there is still a close relation in sharing technical information to the mutual benefit of both entities.
  September 2015
Louis becomes a director of UVP Pro Bind (Pty) Ltd as part of the succession process for Peter and Bruce's retirement.
  March 2015
In order to provide the service levels our customers have grown acustomed to we upgraded our delivery vehicle fleet with the addition of a Hyundai H100.
  October 2014
Louis joined UVP Pro Bind during October 2014, as part of the management team, with retirement looming for Peter and Bruce at the end of 2016. In not wanting to make the transition as smooth as possible for our customers and staff it was decided to rather bring Louis on board a minimum of 2 years before this deadline.