The History behind UVP Pro Bind actually started in 1982 when Peter Tubb joined a company where Bruce Romeril was already employed and they worked together as photo lithographers and soon struck up a firm friendship.
Peter was offered a position as Production Manager at a new company that specialized in binding products, after a year Peter enticed Bruce to join the same company. During the next ten years, because of their strong printing industry connections, various trade services such as film laminating, die-cutting and hot foil stamping were successfully introduced. It became apparent to both Peter and Bruce that their future with the company was not secure and that it would be in their interest to start their own company.
Executive Binding Systems (Pty Ltd), trading as Pro Bind SA, was formed by Peter and Bruce with very little borrowed capital. Knox Print (one of Durban’s oldest print shops) rented 100 square meters of floor space to the fledgling company as well as assisting with the company infrastructure. The equipment consisted of a small silkscreen machine, a purpose built thermal cover producing machine, a laminating machine, and various bits of small equipment. The original staff consisted of Peter, Bruce, and four staff members that had been retrenched from their previous company. Of the four staff members, three are still with the company.
Knox Print purchased a factory complex in Pinetown and Pro Bind SA moved with them to occupy the rear factory of 500 square meters. The increase in floor space allowed for limited expansion and the decision to concentrate more on trade finishing was made. New laminating machinery was purchased over the next few years and new services and products such as encapsulating, manufacture of mouse pads, and wide format laminating were introduced.
During 2005 two major events took place that would change Pro Bind SA, firstly Pro Bind SA were approached by UVP Holdings with a view to joining forces in KZN, and secondly, a good second hand spot UV varnishing machine came on the market. The decisions were made and the size of the spot varnishing equipment necessitated moving to bigger premises. In July of 2005 UVP Holdings acquired shares in Pro Bind SA and the name changed to UVP Pro Bind (Pty) Ltd., Werner Weber joined the board of directors and the company moved into a modern factory of 1300 square meters. The next four years saw a dramatic expansion phase with more modern laminating machines, more spot varnishing machines, overall coating machines, twin wire binding equipment and darkroom facilities being installed.
During 2008 the factory that was being rented was purchased by UVP Pro Bind and the building was given a face lift and the most modern laminating machine in Africa was purchased and installed. It is no idle boast that UVP Pro Bind (Pty) Ltd .is the most modern, progressive print finishing company in KwaZulu Natal.
The management realized that in order to provide the quick turnaround times their customers have become acustomed to additional overall UV varnish equipment had to be installed. The result was a Steinemann Colibri 72, with a top running speed of 11000 sheets per hour, being installed as assitional uv equipment.
Demand for additional laminating equipment kept on growing, especially for wide format work. Being in touch with the needs of their customers the management commissioned Autobond, the global leaders in laminating equipment, to custom build a wide format laminator that could cater to all the needs of their customers. This unique laminator was commissioned during the latter part of 2013.
Louis joined UVP Pro Bind during October 2014, as part of the management team, with retirement looming for Peter and Bruce at the end of 2016. In not wanting to make the transition as smooth as possible for our customers and staff it was decided to rather bring Louis on board a minimum of 2 years before this deadline.
At the beginning of 2015 we upgraded our delivery vehicle fleet with the addition of a Hyundai H100. The end of 2015 a huge decision by the management of UVP Pro Bind materialized in that the management of UVP Pro Bind bought out UVP Holdings. This resulted in all the shareholders being actively involved in the business on a daily basis.
The year of automation and additional control measures for UVP Pro Bind (Pty) Ltd trading as Pro Bind. For the management the first order of business was to commission the development and implimentation of production planning and control software. The commissioning of this software is estimated to be completed by March 2016. This is also accompanied by the re-branding of our logo and trading name to Pro Bind.